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With Johnny Mathis and wife Arlene. 


Al Pacino and me at a Chicago Concert. 

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Joe Directing Criminal Minds.

Comic-Con 2017 signing Fat Tony photos.

IMG 3998
IMG 7098

Lt. Col Robert Friend (Ret) and I getting ready for the parade. 

IMG 3334

Dessert in Italy is always a difficult choice. 


Yeah that's me and Ringo! I bumped into him at The Grammy's. He told me he watches Criminal Minds all the time! What a thrill.


From Things Change with Don Ameche. He was class act.

IMG 3161

Gary Sinise and RGIII

Joe cigar shot copy

From the book The Complete Guide to Cigars by Playboy 

Photo by Ian Spainer

IMG 9267

Working with Adam and AJ. 

Joe Wins Tony

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